Project Management

We frequently undertake, or get involved in, projects where although there is little or no architectural design work, our skills in Project Management can be utilised.

Many of the projects we get involved in have aspects where managing other members of the design team to get the desired result is essential.  If not, chaos will reign and hard work in other areas of a project can be quickly negated.

With our knowledge of process driven facilities, we approach all projects with the same vigour, whether this be Food factories, Energy from Waste plants or Manufacturing plants.

Our approach: -

  • Develop and agree the project brief and objectives
  • Challenge the brief to ensure its robustness
  • Open and collaborative working with all project stakeholders
  • Flexible approach that blends Time, Quality, Cost and Risk factors
  • Ensure that we learn something new from each project and take that learning forward
  • Optimise lessons learnt, enabling us to challenge and deal with issues before they arise
  • Continual monitoring of programme as the industry moves at a challenging pace

The Project Management activities are not just implemented at the outset of a project, but follow the project from inception to operation, covering bases such as: -

  • Project analysis, Feasibility Studies
  • Consultants appointments
  • Design management
  • Design development
  • Risk and Value Management
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Equipment Fit out
  • Completion and handover
  • Defects management

Case studies

Feasibility Studies

Fire Strategy