Process Engineering

In complex manufacturing buildings, the building design responds to the process requirements. Where clients don't have process design skills in house, Arctica can provide these. Some of our commissions only involve process, with no building work required.

Our process engineers have a wide spectrum of qualifications and experience, from mechanical and chemical engineering to food science.

The following is a synopsis of what we undertake: -

  • Business rationalisation plans and efficiency assessment.
  • Equipment specification, comparison, procurement, installation and commissioning management.
  • Process review, evaluation and optimisation.
  • De-bottlenecking analysis.
  • Concept to commissioning a complex manufacturing installation.
  • Production staff training.
  • Second hand equipment search, inspect and procure.


Case studies

Grain D'Or Bakery

Sauce and Paste Ingredient Manufacturer

Wingland Foods Salads

Produce World Vegetable Packing

Egg Products Manufacturer

Hain Daniels Desserts Production